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Why I love to perform

Dear Lions,

I used to be terrified to sing in front of people. In fifth grade, I auditioned for Into the Woods and got the role of the narrator. I had no problem speaking in front of people, but the moment I tried to sing I froze up. It wasn't until I was thirteen when I started writing songs did I start to perform. For some reason when I sang my own material I had no fear. I think it's because I was telling my own story. I was unafraid to be vulnerable because I wanted my voice to be heard. When I perform and I connect with an audience member whether it is with a touch of the hand or I sing a lyric that resonates with them I feel incomprehensible joy. In this blog, I will write about many things but I felt it fitting for my first post to be about doing what I love to do the most. On my website, you can stay updated on my musical journey and my personal journey. I can't wait to write about my music, life, and struggles in an authentic, silly, and honest way. Thank you for reading, listening, and supporting.


Svea Lyon

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